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in → January – June 2023
for → Rhode Island School of Design
with → RISD Design Guild (+) Anmol Govinda Rao, Christine Wang, Ella Lawless, Emma Caamaño, Henry Spuria, Jacob Lee, Joyce Ho, Kayla Feng, Matthew Cuschieri, Maxton O'Connor, Mizuki Hanada, Ollantay Avila, Ryan Yan, Sharlene Deng, Truman Lesak, Yasemin Sarihan

Ships have sailed, planes have departed!

Together with RISD CSI, Design Guild presents the 2023 RISD Yearbook with three books in one: [NO.1] faculty Interviews, [NO.2] student photos, and [NO.3] campus documentation. Pages decorated with custom-made stamps, designed in the fashion of travel documents, lay out people, memories, and words to record each student’s own personal history at RISD and their departure to future destinations.