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in → August 2023
for → Rhode Island School of Design
with → RISD Design Guild (+) Christine Wang, Emma Caamaño, Ollantay Avila, Ryan Yan
role → design, visual direction, motion design, photography, (and an orientation leader ofc!)

Welcome RISD class of 2027!

Each year, we work with RISD CSI to create a fresh design system for New and International Student Orientation.

This year we explored a generative design system using 15x15 grids. Students and orientation leaders decorated the empty grids on their shirts and tote bags with pixel art to create their own personal, unique orientation experience. We also designed custom glyphs for temporary tattoos, stickers, and icons. The RISD campus blossomed with pixel flowers, fruits, ducks, fish, hearts, and so much more to welcome the class of 2027!

Initial conceptualization using graph paper