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in → September 2022 – January 2023
for → Hack@Brown
at → Brown University
with → 2023 Hack@Brown Visdev Team (+) Design: Ashley Cai, Grace Chen, Carrie An, Jakob Wismar, Ryan Yan, Tiffany Huang, Yuki Hayashita
Development: Will Chen, Vanessa Chang, Rena Jiang, Shamel Sameer, Mason Zhang, Sarah Ridley, Lukey Riley, and Ayman Touimi

role → visual, experience, web design, 3d modelling, animation

Hack@Brown is the annual hackathon hosted and run by students at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. Our 2023 theme was Campfire.

To highlight H@B's mission to welcome newcomers and foster an accessible and inclusive hacking space, we developed a friendly, lighthearted 3D visual identity. The website's horizontal layout sets the scene of campsite as users scroll across to find more information about the hackathon.

Concept sketches of "ghost bears" and website. Development of the horizontal scroll concept and parallax effect.